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28 FT Tyrannosaur Skeleton Rental


Product Description

Our Tyrannosaur stands about 10 feet tall and 28ft long. It is a museum quality reproduction of Yangchuanosaurus, a Chinese theropod dinosaur in the same family as T Rex and Allosaurus. Skull alone is nearly 3 ft long and it is estimated alive this dino would have weighed in at 3.5 tons. Yangchuanosaurus was discover in 1977 and lived during the Jurassic time period. The coloration and pose are very similar to the famous Allosaurus specimen at the New York Museum of Natural History.


Cart price is for a one week rental. Purchase price on this item is $23,000. Click "Rentals" in the top bar to open a prop rental account.

Rental price does not include shipping or installation which will be invoiced as a separate fee.


All Creatures and Cultures props are available for sale and rental. To view rental prices on other items please open a rental account.



Specimen comes apart into the following pieces:

Skull - 1 Piece

Spine - 2 pieces

Arms - 2 pieces

Shoulder Blades - 2 pieces

Ribs - about 30 pieces

Tail - 3 pieces

Pelvis - 5 pieces

Legs - 3 pieces


We can provide delivery and installation within the greater Los Angeles Area for an additional charge.